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Bourne Jewelry is a local Houston-based, independent jewelry studio operated solely by Lynda Chadbourne. Located at Silver Street Studios in the the arts district of Houston, Bourne Jewelry started with the important mission of empowering women through jewelry. 

The purpose of jewelry is to make the wearer feel powerful and confident. With every piece of jewelry being handmade and hand assembled from start to finish, Bourne Jewelry is able to make each individual piece feel unique.

Confidence can vary depending on the person. That is why Bourne Jewelry offers a variety of precious gemstones, precious metals, and different colored leathers to form each piece.

Does turquoise jewelry make you feel powerful? Maybe you are more traditional and prefer a combination of diamonds and gold? Whatever the answer, we can make it for you.

In order to instill confidence, the finest materials must be used. Bourne Jewelry is proud to say that absolutely no jewelry is assembled or assisted in any way outside of Silver Street Studio 112 in Houston, Texas.

While it is important to keep a constant catalog of jewelry available for direct purchase both online and in the studio, Bourne Jewelry always accepts custom jewelry orders. For these custom jewelry orders, please allow additional time for Lynda to find all the necessary gemstones and leather. Remember, all jewelry is done by hand!

Lynda Chadbourne’s creative drive was born from a metalworking class she took in 2012. Since then, she has acquired an artist studio at Houston’s Silver Street Studios and devoted her life to creating jewelry that empowers women.

Her work stands out in that she makes each piece by hand and pairs soft Italian leather with luxurious materials like gold and rare gemstones.

Her pieces have been displayed at several art shows and exhibitions, including at the Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa, at DASH Market, and at Silver Street Studios’ “Crossing Borders” exhibit.

To arrange of a private studio tour, please email Lynda.

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