How Much Does Your Favorite Gemstone Cost?

How Much Do Precious Gemstones Cost?


Jewelry as an accessory has been worn for over 3,000 years.

Today, thousands of jewelry pieces are purchased every single day across the globe. 

As time goes on, different trends rise and fall in popularity. One of these recent trends is gemstone jewelry. Diamonds and gold are great, but some people prefer an elaborate, beautifully cut tourmaline gemstone rather than a ton of sparkles.

So, how much do these gemstones cost? It’s difficult to say exactly, but below is a graph detailing the average price per carat of the most popular gemstones being used in jewelry design today.


Variation In Price:

Certain gemstones have a huge variation in price, but why? How can turquoise vary from $10 to $1,000 per carat?

In truth, there are dozens factors that determine the price of a gemstone.

One factor is the location in which the stone originated.

Gemstones that originate from rare locations will always be more expensive. Tanzanite, for example, is a popular gemstone that exclusively comes from Tanzania. Because of this, Tanzanite will always be expensive regardless of how small the gemstone is.

Determining the Price: The Physicality of A Gemstone:

Before being given a value, each gemstone is analyzed for the number of cracks, veins, and other marks it contains. Generally, a gemstone will be deemed more valuable the more veins it has.

We humans always prefer things natural, and gemstones are no different. The more enhanced a gemstone is, the less value it has. If a jeweler is using non-enhanced gemstones in their jewelry, prepare to pay a hefty price.

Color is also incredibly important. Tourmaline is a gemstone that comes in many different colors, some more rare and valuable than others. For example, neon-blue tourmaline is the most rare and expensive, while pink tourmaline is the most common and thus, the "cheapest."

Many gemstones have great variety in all of the factors above, making it difficult to give an “average” price per stone.

Turquoise itself is especially difficult to price. No other gemstone has more variety when found in nature than Turquoise. Even two stones taken from the same mine can be wildly different. For some, this can be frustrating, but for others, it is exciting to know that their piece of turquoise jewelry is guaranteed to be unique!

Durability and Price:

The last factor effecting the price of gemstones is durability.

Hardness is measured on the Moh’s scale, a scale of 1-10 that measures the resistance of gemstones and minerals against scratches. The higher the number, the stronger the material.

As with price per carat, the hardness rating of various gemstones can vary widely, as illustrated by the graph below.

Based on the data, pieces like a sapphire bangle or ruby ring are safer buys that are less likely to break if dropped.

Other pieces, such as any Kyanite jewelry, needs extra attention. Even a couple foot drop could damage the gemstone permanently.



There you have it! The average price per carat and the durability of the most common gemstones used in jewelry.

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