How To Make Sure You're Buying The Highest Quality Jewelry This Holiday Season

The Holidays are a stressful time for everyone. Black Friday is basically a safety (and financial) hazard for all shoppers.

Likewise, the pressure of delivering a quality Christmas present for your significant other can become a mentally crippling task.

It’s never easy.


Christmas 2019: Make Sure The Jewelry You Buy Is Real!

Rest assured, we understand your pain. Which is why we decided to provide a guide for navigating through the horde of Holiday deals to ensure you are buying unique, quality gifts for your special someone.

Now it should be obvious based on the link you clicked that this will be tailored towards buying jewelry specifically. We are a family owned and operated jewelry store and so this is kind of our thing.

 For those who want to get a more tongue in cheek holiday gift centered full of banter, we find that Tipsy Elf has some truly hilarious Christmas sweaters for sale.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get right into ensuring that the jewelry you buy this Holiday Season is something your significant other will cherish forever.


#1 Make Sure The Materials Are Authentic

Make sure gemstones you buy are real, not fortified or artificially colored

This will differ depending on if you are shopping for gemstone jewelry or gold and diamond jewelry.

With gemstones, it’s crucial that the stones are real. Often you will find cheap gemstone jewelry uses reconstituted stones, meaning it can be artificially colored, contain stone “powder”, or literally be plastic.

Depending on the stone, a good way to tell is to examine the stone for any imperfections. Nature is a harsh place and the likelihood of a gemstone making it out unscathed is practically zero. 

So, if the stone is TOO perfect and smooth, chances are it may be, to varying degrees, reconstituted.

With gold or silver, this can be more difficult to tell, especially if you’re doing online holiday shopping. Unfortunately, it can be very easy for jewelry designers to label their pieces as “gold” or “sterling silver” while in actuality their pieces are simply gold plated.

 Under these circumstances, the metal underneath the gold (or silver) will typically be brass, copper, or even nickel, which is prohibited in the European Union as a health hazard due to the dangerous allergy people can have for it.

In the United States, jewelry containing nickel is still legal. So, if your girlfriend is allergic to this… you better make sure you’re buying some real gold!


#2 Buy Jewelry That Has High Value

Gold and other valuables will appreciate in value

No, we don’t just mean high value based off the price tag. We mean jewelry that has a high dollar value in the real world.

To some degree, buying jewelry is an investment. It can appreciate or depreciate depending on the materials. This is why it is important to buy high quality materials that are real and become more valuable over time.

Going with some cheap fabricated or plated diamond necklace is not a gift that’s going to last.


#3 Don’t Buy A Plain White T-Shirt

Buy your better half some memorable, unique jewelry

At the end of the day, a holiday gift is supposed to be special. It’s supposed to be unique and carry meaning. Sure, you could buy a run-of-the-mill necklace and save a couple bucks. But where is the fulfillment in that?

If you told someone you wanted clothes for Christmas, and they got you a plain white t-shirt, how would you feel? It could be the nicest 100% Persian silk white tee that’s insanely comfortable and easy to clean.

But does anyone else know that?

Does anyone else see a white t shirt and think dang, that’s the most unique shirt I’ve ever seen.

No. Of Course Not. 

Why should jewelry be any different?

Of course you could buy a generic ring, but that completely defeats the purpose of buying a Christmas gift in the first place.

Instead, get something that is not only valuable and high quality, but also unique.

 People love unique jewelry that expresses their personality! Being able to say you are wearing an exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry makes you feel special and proud to have it.

 It’s also a piece of jewelry that is likely to be worn for a very, very long time. Decades even.

So yes, you could get that $45 “sapphire” necklace from (insert Jewelry company that produces all of their stuff overseas in mass), but how long will that last? How much soul and value exists in something that was produced in a factory?

If you ask us, a completely handmade and family ran jewelry business, we would tell you not long.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Just be sure to keep some of these things in mind when getting your better half a jewelry piece for the holidays.

They’ll probably love how much thought you put into the decision :)

If you are someone looking to buy only the highest quality, completely unique, and handmade jewelry in Houston, please consider visiting our online store here or by stopping by our studio at Silver Street Studios, Studio #318.

How do you make sure you’re only buying the best for your partner? Comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!



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