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Why Bourne Jewelry?

Bourne Jewelry makes a statement for those who wear them.  Expressions range from ‘stylish’ to ‘cool’ to ‘hip’ and to ‘confident.’ 


Make a Statement

Bourne Jewelry pieces make a statement for those who wear them.  Expressions range from ‘stylish’ to ‘cool’ to ‘hip’ and to ‘confident.’  Most customers comment about the softly wrapped leather around their wrist, or how sunlight glances off their necklace.  Elements such as gold or silver work in harmony with carefully selected gemstones or diamonds.  Each piece is distinct and made for you and accent who you are.

Custom Made

Custom made….all pieces are crafted by me in my studio.  This means the sterling and fine silvers are forged, honed and textured.  The leathers that come in a range of dyes and textures (even salmon!) are cut or woven here.  The gemstones from around the globe, I select and order, and bezel or prong set each stone for every piece.  Nothing is ‘fabricated’ or ‘assembled’ from finished components.  Each piece is individually crafted.  And these days, many customers select their own raw materials.  I welcome visitors to look over my inventory of stones and leathers to participate in the creative process.

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Bourne from Creativity

My metalsmithing craft was bourne of my drive for creativity.   I have evolved constantly and traveled the U.S. learning new techniques and becoming part of the metalsmithing community.  Now in my 5th year as Bourne Jewelry and Design, I have a studio that reflects my learning and creative approach and that invites visitors to browse and to enjoy the uniqueness of Bourne Jewelry.  My pieces elevate every woman’s outfit.  And whether you are just getting out in the world as a college graduate or enjoying your newly deserved retirement, my wraps, necklaces and rings will provide that stylish boost to your own fashion.  I consider each piece that I sell as customer unique.  You can even select your own elements and be part of the creative.  Embrace the artist in you!