The creative drive was…

The creative drive was born from a single leisure learning class in 2012.  I needed to get out of the house and since out two boys were off to middle and high school, I felt a creative itch and a bit of home claustrophobia.  

I took the class and was ‘All In.’  I created Bourne Jewelry and Design and the journey began. I moved into a studio at Spring Street, then to Silver Street Studios in the 5th Ward of Houston proper.  I launched my Bourne product lines.  Five years later I have exactly what I want.  A studio, a creative refuge amongst a great, thriving artisan community.  

All of my jewelry is hand made, not hand assembled.  I source all the gems, metals, leathers myself, and then create.  My studio reflects the heartfelt and open way in which I craft my Bourne products.  Often times, customers can pick their own elements to go into the design.  They ask questions and we get to know each other.  I love the face-to-face part of my business, and I look forward to the interacting with each customer.  I see that my products give something to each customer.  A connection.  This is how I want Bourne Jewelry to be known: unique, handmade, customer-focused, and lasting…..personal.

While a robust website is the way of the world and important for my business, I do not want it to detract from the connection.  Please browse, call me if you would like to ask questions or to customize to you.  I hugely appreciate your interest and purchase.   And know there is an open invitation to visit my Silver Street Studio 318 any time.  

I dedicate this effort and my creative abilities to my grandmother Nana.  

Lynda Chadbourne  (February 2018)